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Oil Skimmers

Oil skimmers are the devices for remediation that are specifically designed to eliminate oil from the surface of the water, cleaning solutions, solvents, and other fluids. There are two main types of oil skimmers in which one type is ideal to be used for filtering and eliminating oil, debris, dust, and unwanted materials. The other type is ideal to recover or to grab oil in a usable state. Typically, this second type of skimmer is ideal to clean up oil spills in refineries, factories, and bodies of water.

Applications for the oil skimmers include in-plant pumps, coolant systems, and tanks as well as outdoor and settling ponds. When choosing oil skimmers, essential specifications for considering include capacity, recovery or removal rate, and total flow. When capacity is measured in gallons, flow is calculated in the gallons per minute and the recovery or removal rate is expressed in gallons per hour. There are several types of skimmers, though all designs depend on the laws of gravity and on the surface tension to function.

Types of Oil Skimmers

The six particular types of oil Skimmers are disk, belt, barrel, or drum style, mop, mini tube, and large tube, as well as floating suction oil skimmers. Belt oil skimmers use a belt if the stainless steel. This belt is lowered into the liquid which requires to be cleaned and the belt then passes via the special wiper blades, that eliminate the oil from both sides of the liquid as it passes through. Disc oil skimmers are a disk that is rotated through the liquid and the oil is cleared off the liquid and placed into a special collection container within the skimmer. Disk oil skimmers aren’t the best idea for shallow liquids or for the places where the liquid level vacillate, because they are most effective when the whole dis is immersed.

Application Area of Oil Skimmers

• Oil drilling services
• Petroleum refineries, lube blending plants
• Vegetables and mineral oil plants
• General engineering industries and machining centers
• Automobile units and service stations
• Industries employing industrial washing machines
• Industrial houses
• Perfumery and important oil industries
• Industrial houses

Features of Oil Skimmers

• Saves coolants by eliminating tramp oil
• Most reasonable idea to eliminate oil from water
• Prevents plugging of filters and spray heads
• Reduces fluid disposal costs
• Conserves parts wash Water by eliminating oily wastes
• Skimmed oil can be reused and recycled as a fuel or lubricant

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Oil Skimmers

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