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Ultra Filtration Plant

When it comes to Ultra filtration Plants then, the first thing comes in mind that what it is and what is the procedure. Ultra filtration is actually a low-pressure membrane procedure that is extensively used to separate viruses, bacteria, along with high molecular weight compounds colloidal and particulate matters from the feed stream. This plant has larger pores as well as excellent piousness with less osmotic effects which will let the Ultra filtration work at almost low pressure than the nanofiltration and RO (reverse osmosis) and that is why it is affordable to operate.

The Ultra filtration plants are made with the hollow fibre outside-in membranes, up to 100 m3/h, for purifying groundwater or surface from the suspended solids, colloids, and all types of micro-organism like germs, protozoa, viruses, and bacteria. Apart from this, it is also used as a Reverse Osmosis plant pre-treatment.

Applications of Ultra filtration

• Purification of surface and well water for the portable applications
• Filtration of Industrial water
• Membrane Bio-Reactor
• Wastewater re-cycle and reuse

There are two types of Ultra filtration Systems

Point-of-entry - These are commonly used to run water for the applications which do not need water filtered as fine

Point-of-use - These are commonly used for under-the-counter drinking water systems

Advantages of Ultra filtration over Conventional Media Filtration

• Improved Product Quality
• Removal of Virus, and bacteria
• Product SDI less than 1
• Removal of Microbiological matter
• Colloidal Silica Reduction
• Improvement of downstream Reverse Osmosis (RO) Performance
• Consistently treated water quality regardless of changes in the feed water quality

We, Clear Ion Experts Pvt.Ltd, are a well-known company and emerged in manufacturing this system, Ultra filtration Plant. This plant is manufactured under the direction of skilled professionals who have a vast knowledge of water filtration and similar. With the help of modern technologies, this plant is manufactured with utmost care and precision to ensure its long functional life. Further, this plant is tested on various quality parameters to ensure its hassle-free functionality. You can avail of this plant in the different technical specifications at a very affordable rate from us.

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